Biden Brushes Off Attacks by McChrystal’s Aides

Posted July 18, 2010 at 9:50am

Vice President Joseph Biden was not offended by disparaging comments that aides to the former top military commander in Afghanistan made about him in a recent Rolling Stone article, he said in a television interview Sunday.

Biden was one of the administration officials mentioned by name in the article, which prompted President Barack Obama to accept Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s resignation last month as the head of U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan.

“I didn’t take it personally at all,” Biden said on ABC’s “This Week.” “Compared to what happens in politics … that was a piece of cake.”

Biden said McChrystal’s team viewed him as the “enemy” because he had advocated an alternative to the general’s counterinsurgency plan.

The vice president said Obama did the right thing by relieving McChrystal but not changing the military approach in the country. “He changed the personalities but not the policy,” Biden said.