Reid May Pursue Piecemeal Approach to Immigration Reform

Posted July 27, 2010 at 11:03am

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won’t pursue comprehensive immigration reform this year because of a lack of GOP support and will instead explore the possibility of pushing through a narrower set of reforms this fall, Democratic aides said Tuesday.

Although the Nevada Democrat remains committed to a comprehensive bill, political realities in the Senate have forced his hand, Reid spokesman Jim Manley said. Manley explained that Reid may try to pursue an agricultural jobs measure and the DREAM Act, which provides students who are illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Reid “is still committed to reforming a system that is unfair to the American taxpayer, worker and economy, but that isn’t possible without Republican support. In the meantime, he is exploring whether he can pass smaller legislation, such as AgJOBS or the DREAM Act, of which he is an original co-sponsor and longtime supporter,” Manley said.

“However, Republican support and 60 votes is still needed to address any aspects of our broken immigration system this year,” he added.

Sen. Dick Lugar (Ind.) is the sole Republican sponsor of both the AgJOBS and DREAM acts, and if Reid can persuade all 59 Democrats in the Senate to vote for the bills, he could break any GOP filibuster of the measures.