Kentucky: Chandler Ad Emphasizes Party-Bucking Bailout Vote

Posted August 10, 2010 at 11:44am

In his first TV ad, Rep. Ben Chandler (D) touts his willingness to stand up to his own party on issues like the Wall Street bailout.

Chandler is facing attorney Andy Barr (R) in a contest that has become more competitive as the national environment is tipped in the GOP’s favor.

Barr is likely to focus his campaign on the high-profile votes where Chandler fell in line with his party’s leadership, including the controversial cap-and-trade bill that is viewed by Kentucky coal operators as a direct attack on their livelihood.

Some of those coal companies are openly discussing the possibility of using their deep pockets to try to defeat Chandler this fall, and that prospect could help negate the 6-to-1 cash-on-hand advantage Chandler had on Barr at the end of the last fundraising quarter.