Heard on the Hill: The Year of Michael Grimm?

Posted November 5, 2010 at 6:30pm

Michael Grimm might be among the newest Representatives-elect, but just FYI, he’s not a humble blues singer from the swamplands of Mississippi. That guy is Michael Grimm.

Oh, that explains it!

See, the newly elected New York Republican shares the same moniker as the winner of season five of “America’s Got Talent.” That Michael Grimm won the reality competition in September after upsetting a slew of other contestants, including the flamboyant stage performer Prince Poppycock.

While Congress’ Michael Grimm probably won’t be putting out a blues album anytime soon, he has a few talents. The 40-year-old served in the Marines and then in the FBI — while getting a law degree on the side. Like the musical Grimm, his win was a bit of an upset, as he stunned Democrats by beating their candidate, Rep. Michael McMahon.

A Grimm staffer (for the future Congressman, not the singer) says the other Grimm always seemed to pop up during the campaign. For example, most staffers had signed up to get “Michael Grimm” Google News Alerts, and it was always a surprise to see which one the alert was about.