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Flashback: Nikki Haley’s Senior Class Photo

A friend of Roll Call Politics had the pleasure of attending high school with one Nimarata Nikki Randhawa, better known today as South Carolina’s Gov.-elect Nikki Haley.

Seen here in her senior class photo taken for the Orangeburg Preparatory Schools’ 1989 yearbook, the future Republican politician sports a wide smile and a rockin’ ’80s belt.

In the yearbook we also learn Nikki Randhawa was in the cast of the Oct. 29, 1988, senior class production of “Don’t Rock the Boat,” playing a “senile woman.” Nikki also was a member of the Key Club.

The culture section in the back of the yearbook notes the hot fashions that year were “holey jeans, biking shorts, tye-dyes and boxers.”

We here at Roll Call Politics are impartial and adore all old photos equally. If you have a high school photo of a prominent politician, send it our way!