California Dems Jerry McNerney, Jim Costa Increase Their Leads

Posted November 16, 2010 at 10:29am

California Reps. Jim Costa and Jerry McNerney extended their leads last night after a handful of counties released updated vote counts. Both Democrats declared victory last week, but neither of their Republican challengers conceded, as thousands of provisional and absentee ballots remained uncounted.

The Democrats’ undecided contests are among seven outstanding House races around the country, and two of those are already headed to a recount.

In the 20th district, Costa now leads Republican Andy Vidak by 1,428 votes, up from 1,107 votes heading into Monday. Fresno and Kern counties are the only two of the district’s three counties still counting votes, and Costa holds sizable leads in both.

In the 11th district, McNerney’s lead went up slightly to 1,801 votes. He had led by 1,751 before Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties reported new vote tallies. The largest of the district’s four counties, San Joaquin, likely won’t release a final count update until just before Thanksgiving, even with counting being conducted seven days a week.