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Heard on the Hill: Democrats In Denial?

With the sting of losing the majority still fresh, dozens of House Democratic press secretaries met Monday afternoon to discuss the lame-duck session. We hear staffers were hoping for a pep talk that never came and left the meeting disappointed.

In fact, our tipster says those who spoke at the meeting didn’t even acknowledge the “election massacre of 2010.”

“There was no mention of our lost Majority. No mention of our lost jobs. … When the meeting concluded, we all looked around at each other [with] let-down shoulder shrugs and dismal sighs,” the spy tells HOH.

But sources at the Democratic Caucus, which organized the meeting, say that the loss was discussed and that each office was given a chance to get up and talk about the road ahead.

“Every person who spoke to the group did mention the election and certainly validated the feeling in the room,” an aide to the Caucus says.