Heard on the Hill: From One Father to Another

Posted November 16, 2010 at 6:39pm

Looks like Vice President Joseph Biden passed along some advice to Sen. Chris Coons, the man who recently filled his former Senate seat. The Delaware Democrat says Amtrak Joe lectured him on — what else? — commuting and the importance of family time.

“He said to make it as physically uncomfortable as possible to spend the night … because there will always be pressures to stay,” Coons told reporters Monday. “He says, four years from now you’ll miss every game your son plays.”

Talk about good fatherly advice. Coons was sworn in on Monday, replacing interim Sen. Ted Kaufman (D), who joined the Senate in 2008.

An HOH spy popped into Kaufman’s office earlier this week and notes that he left very little behind, save a few desks and two photos, one that showed Kaufman and Biden together.