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Heard on the Hill: @ThadMcCotter’s fight w/ @adamsbaldwin re: #FabFour

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter digitally sparred with “Chuck” star Adam Baldwin over the weekend after the actor dissed the Beatles.

On Sunday, Baldwin (note: He isn’t part of the famous Baldwin clan) retweeted a post from Philadelphia-based conservative pundit Aaron Proctor reading: “I don’t like the Beatles. There. I said it. I’ll say it again if I have to.”

That led the Michigan Republican, who is a big Beatles fan, to reply to both: “So you lads loathe the Beatles, huh? No shock from you 80’s hair band geeks.”

A Twitter battle soon broke out between McCotter and Baldwin over The Beatles.

McCotter tweeted extensively about Baldwin’s love of hair bands, leading Baldwin to tweet: “Hmm… brandishing a lotta resentment towards *HAIR* bands, it seems. @tilde #Coincidence?!”

Oh snap!

But McCotter held nothing back, replying: “Still combing your back hair forward, BALDwin?”


“It was a Sunday [and] my beloved Lions were idle. So, I defended the Beatles from Baldwin,” McCotter tells HOH. “He’s a good cat and fine actor (“Poison Ivy” aside); but on the Fab Four, it’s like Dave Mason sang: ‘We just disagree.’”

Of course, the weekend wasn’t all fun and games for McCotter, considering he also tweeted with followers about the serious diplomatic situation involving North Korea.