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Ryan Will Vote ‘No’ on Fiscal Commission Plan

Rep. Paul Ryan, the incoming House Budget chairman, said Thursday morning that he will vote against the president’s fiscal commission proposal because it accelerates and entrenches President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

The Wisconsin Republican had high praise for many pieces of the bipartisan commission’s plan, including its overhaul of Social Security, cuts in income rates paired with lower deductions and cuts in discretionary spending. But he said the recommendations went the wrong direction on health care. The panel’s final proposal was released Wednesday, and the panel is expected to vote on the recommendations Friday. 

“I think it makes health care dramatically worse,” he said.

Ryan also said that he hopes to get a deal that would raise the debt limit before the nation hits it and risks a default sometime in the spring.

“What do we get for it?” he asked.

Ryan also said he’s not sure how aggressive the House Republican budget plan will be next year, and whether it will include controversial proposals such as his plan to convert Medicare into a publicly subsidized private insurance market for future retirees. He noted he needs 218 votes and still has yet to meet half of the party’s large freshman class.

Ryan also said he doesn’t have a relationship with the White House, especially now that many of Obama’s top economic aides have left.

“They didn’t need us … so they didn’t talk to us,” Ryan said. 

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