Heard on the Hill: Bachmann Gets Moving, to Democrats’ Dismay

Posted December 6, 2010 at 6:04pm

Rep. Michele Bachmann moved offices last week.

This might not seem like a big deal, considering many Members of Congress move into  new spaces before an impending Congressional session, but the Minnesota Republican’s office switcheroo is raising eyebrows among some Democrats, who say the move is unnecessary — especially since the anti-spending Congresswoman had already revamped her old space.

Bachmann on Thursday and Friday moved down the hall in the Cannon House Office Building, from Room 107 to Room 103. This comes after she had made some changes to her old office. Bachmann’s spokesman confirms a wall was removed in the reception area, and another wall was moved in order to improve working space.

Workers painted around the area where the renovations took place, “but nothing else that I’m aware of,” spokesman Doug Sachtleben says. Sachtleben didn’t provide information on how much the project cost.

So why the move?

“Congresswoman Bachmann was pleased to be able to move into an office that is familiar to Minnesotans as the longtime office of Rep. Jim Ramstad,” he says, referring to the former Republican lawmaker. “It also offers a better location in terms of access to the Capitol.”

But Democrats are painting Bachmann as a bit of a diva.

“Tea party queen Michele Bachmann would rather spend taxpayer dollars lavishly redecorating her D.C. office than keeping police and teachers employed in St. Cloud, Minn.,” one Democratic aide quips to HOH. “Looks like Martha Stewart has replaced Dick Armey as her closest adviser.”