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Heard on the Hill: Just in Time for the Holidays

Still haven’t found that perfect gift for the little person in your life?

The Tea Party Patriots released a coloring book for kids, designed to “teach and inspire pride in their heritage as an American.” The 36-page book includes games, puzzles, mazes and other activities with “fun emphasis on fundamental freedoms” that is “part of a long term effort to educate the next generation of children on the basics of American liberty,” according to the group’s website.

There’s one page featuring an image of Mt. Rushmore and text reading: “No more taxes! The Tea Party will help make sure the government and politicians do not over tax and over burden the people … when a government becomes a burden or tries to control its citizens beyond reason, we have a Tea Party movement!”

“The Tea Party Patriots’ coloring book is an excellent way to help kids understand how important freedom is in their lives and why we need to protect it,” Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin says in a press release.

The book is $4.99 (there are discount rates for bulk orders) on the Tea Party Patriots website.

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