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Heard on the Hill: Wimpy Business

Comedian Paul Mecurio has a prediction for the new year: It’s going to be great for wimps.

The stand-up comic and “Daily Show” writer will be performing at the DC Improv today through Sunday. Before taking the stage, Mecurio chatted with HOH before taking the stage about politics, including Speaker-designate John Boehner’s tearful ways. 

“I heard he was crying because he wasn’t crying enough,” Mecurio jokes of the Ohio Republican. “2011 is going to be the year of the wimp. Republicans don’t get emotional; they buy guns and shoot puppies.”

But Mecurio is a bipartisan joker, and he also jabbed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to stay in Congressional leadership, comparing the California Democrat to an aunt who dominates the conversation during Christmas dinner because she’s “in a loveless marriage.”

“She’s in a loveless marriage with Congress,” Mecurio says.

Mecurio isn’t just a casual D.C. observer. The comic spent two years living in the basement of a Capitol Hill row house while attending Georgetown Law. It was a time marked by odd happenings, including once when he spotted a man standing in front of his car’s opened hood.

“He was stealing my battery of my car,” Mecurio recalls, adding that he yelled at the man to stop. “He didn’t even run away. He just kept working.”

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