Heard on the Hill: Still on His Toes

Posted January 7, 2011 at 5:36pm

Rep. Peter King isn’t letting a foot injury keep him down.

The New York Republican injured his foot in early December while helping his wife put up Christmas decorations. King was carrying stuff outside, and his foot slipped when he stepped on an area that was half-grass, half-concrete.

King didn’t think much of the slipup until a few hours later, when his foot turned black and blue. He headed to the emergency room and was told that he had fractured his little toe. “It didn’t really hurt or anything,” King says.

As a result, King wore a cast for a few days and is now wearing a boot, which he should be able to remove in a few weeks. Getting around Capitol Hill hasn’t been too much of a pain.

“It’s not bad. I try to avoid going upstairs,” he says. “Sometimes you can lose your balance.” Of the boot, he says, “Barely know it’s there.”