Fischer Is Interested in Nebraska Senate Race

Posted February 14, 2011 at 6:09pm

Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer (R) told Roll Call on Monday that she’s interested in a race against Sen. Ben Nelson (D). She said she’s not afraid of a primary battle with state Attorney General Jon Bruning, who’s already in the race, or state Treasurer Don Stenberg, who’s considering the race.

“The main thing is, what do I think I can add maybe that other candidates can’t, or where’s my focus going to be compared to where theirs is?” she said.

Fischer, a rancher, has represented several counties in rural north-central Nebraska since 2004. She is chairwoman of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee and said her priority over the next few months will be pushing bills through the unicameral state Legislature. She said she hopes to make a decision on the Senate race by the time the state legislative session ends in early June. She said she will be considering who else is in the race, how much fundraising will be required and what her family thinks.