Heard on the Hill: He Knows How to Catch a Thief

Posted March 29, 2011 at 6:20pm

Members of Congress may be exempt from certain routine parking tickets in Washington, but that doesn’t make them immune to some of the other ills of car ownership, like theft.

Early Monday morning, freshman Rep. Bill Keating’s car was stolen from the driveway of his Quincy, Mass., home. The Massachusetts Democrat said he heard his car start up in the driveway, looked out the window and saw two men drive away with it. They didn’t get far.

Just minutes after Keating dialed 911, police spotted the lawmaker’s Lexus in a local McDonald’s parking lot.

“Perhaps they had a Big Mac attack,” Keating jokes.

Two brothers were arrested on suspicion of stealing the vehicle. The car is back safe and sound in Keating’s driveway.

Apparently the thieves didn’t know whom they were messing with. Keating, a former district attorney, has a history of apprehending criminals; he once chased down a purse-snatcher in a restaurant and also detained a burglar who broke into his home until police arrived.

Looks like the score is Keating: 3. Criminals: 0.