Heard on the Hill: Brady’s Office Gets Snowed

Posted April 8, 2011 at 5:47pm

Looks like April Fools’ Day came a week late at the Washington City Paper, but one Congressman’s staff didn’t get the memo.

The newspaper published a satirical piece Friday that proposed a number of outrageous revenue-raising proposals.

The measures — all meant to hit Washington’s gentrifying class — included a surcharge for food bought at places where there’s a long line (here’s looking at you, Georgetown Cupcake) and a permit required for snowball fights with more than six people.

Shortly after the article was posted, a staffer from the office of Rep. Kevin Brady called the publication to ask whether a snowball fee was really in the works. The Washington City Paper quoted the staffer as saying, “We’re just checking in.”

The Texas Republican’s office didn’t want to comment to HOH on the snowball snafu. “Are you serious?” a spokeswoman asked.

HOH, of course, was serious — unlike the proposal. It seems the city’s budget woes have everyone on edge lately. Or maybe the Brady staffers are just really adamant about their freedom of snow-sembly.