Rep. Maurice Hinchey Being Treated for Colon Cancer

Posted April 22, 2011 at 12:33pm

Rep. Maurice Hinchey announced Friday that he is being treated for colon cancer but that he will continue his Congressional schedule during treatment.

In a release, the New York Democrat’s office said he was undergoing radiation treatment at the Ulster Radiation Oncology Center in Kingston, N.Y., and he will have surgery at the Albany Medical Center during the June recess. Hinchey would then be treated with chemotherapy.

Hinchey’s doctor Randall Rissman said Hinchey’s early diagnosis should mean a full recovery.

“This is a curable form of colon cancer. I expect Mr. Hinchey to respond extremely well to the course of treatment we’ve developed for him and that he’ll make a full recovery,” Rissman said.

“He is very fortunate that this was diagnosed early and that it did not spread beyond the colon. Mr. Hinchey is otherwise in excellent physical condition, which will greatly aid his recovery,” he added.