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Heard on the Hill: Partying With the Young Folks

It wasn’t just a bunch of 20-somethings celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death Sunday night in front of the White House.

Reps. Steve Pearce and John Larson joined the cheering flock of youngsters as well.

Pearce had just flown in from New Mexico when he heard there was a crowd forming in front of the White House, waiting in anticipation of President Barack Obama’s announcement. The Republican drove straight there from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, arriving just before the president was to speak.

Larson, who received the news about bin Laden via text on his flight back to D.C., also headed straight for the crowd from Washington Dulles International Airport. The Connecticut Democrat said he stayed until after 1 a.m.

“It was an incredible scene,” Larson told HOH. “An eclectic group of tourists, people from D.C. and students … people draped in flags, standing on each other’s shoulders, scaling trees and chanting, ‘Yes we can!’”

Pearce, a Vietnam veteran, was so inspired that he wrote about the experience on his website.

Neither man went unnoticed in the throng of yuppies. (HOH wonders if Pearce’s bald head and Larson’s white hair gave them away … )

One Hill staffer recognized Pearce, and when word spread that a Member was there, there were pictures and “handshakes abound.”

“That crowd didn’t care what color your skin is, who you worship, or who you voted for,” Pearce wrote. “Just like in the aftermath of that awful September morning, we were united as Americans.”

Pearce left the celebration at 2:30 a.m. Despite going to bed much later than usual, spokesman Eric Layer said Pearce was “running full speed ahead” Monday.

Larson, whose bedtime is usually 11 p.m., also claimed to have a second wind. His first interview Monday was at 6:45 a.m., he said.

Let’s hope the two got a nap Monday. If they’re spotted snoozing on the House floor, we’ll know why.