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NRCC Hits McNerney in New Ad

The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched a three-week TV ad buy in San Francisco and Sacramento that simultaneously hits Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) for supporting the Democrats’ health care reform effort last year and defends the GOP budget plan that would overhaul Medicare.

The Contra Costa Times first reported on the ad. The NRCC did not release its cost, and the independent expenditure report has not yet been posted to the Federal Election Commission website. An NRCC spokesman told Roll Call this was the only TV ad the committee is currently running against an incumbent.

“McNerney and President Obama’s Medicare plan empowers bureaucrats to interfere with doctors, risking seniors’ access to treatment,” the announcer says. “Now, Obama’s budget plan lets Medicare go bankrupt: that’d mean big cuts to benefits. Tell McNerney to stop bankrupting Medicare.”

“While the Republican plan preserves and protects Medicare for future generations, the Democrats’ plan will lead to severe cuts in benefits for seniors and drastic tax increases in the coming years,” NRCC spokesman Tyler Houlton told the Contra Costa Times.

McNerney represents the winding 11th district in California’s Central Valley, east of the Bay Area and south of Sacramento. An independent redistricting commission will redraw all of the state’s districts, but this was one of the most competitive in the state following the 2001 partisan redistricting.

McNerney spokeswoman Sarah Hersh responded to the newspaper, calling it “one more misleading and baseless attack from Washington Republicans who are themselves currently trying to end Medicare for seniors and keep tax loopholes open for huge corporations that ship American jobs overseas.”