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Altmire Challenger Goes for Round Two

Attorney Keith Rothfus (R) will run for a second time against Rep. Jason Altmire (D) — wherever the three-term Congressman’s Pennsylvania district ends up.

Rothfus announced he will file the paperwork to run again against Altmire after losing to the Congressman by just 2 points last fall.

He said he’s entering the race early this cycle — before the new Congressional boundaries have even been drawn — because Altmire has raised close to $200,000 already this year.

“Really, the focus right now is raising money,” Rothfus said in a phone interview.

But it’s unclear where exactly the new 4th district will be. The Keystone State is losing a House seat following reapportionment, and mostly likely Republicans who control the redistricting process in the state will pit Altmire and Rep. Mark Critz (D) against each other in the same southwestern district in 2012.

But regardless of where the new district boundaries will be, Rothfus said he’s challenging Altmire.

“That’s the big $64,000 question,” Rothfus said. “I’m assuming the 4th district is going to be in some semblance of what it is.”

Altmire aide Rachael Heisler responded to Rothfus’ candidacy in a statement by saying her boss is not campaigning yet “for an election that is still 18 months away.”

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