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Heard on the Hill: Weiner’s Troubles Just Won’t End

Rep. Anthony Weiner is having all sorts of trouble with his machinery these days … and it isn’t just the computer kind.

The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that the disgraced New York Democrat has been driving around in his Nissan Pathfinder with expired 2007 registration tags.

This on top of the $2,000 dollars worth of parking tickets that Roll Call reported he racked up some time ago (seriously, though, in this town who hasn’t?).

And it is not just cars that are giving Weiner problems, but airplanes too. … OK, one airline at least. Spirit Airlines — which lives up to its name with its new online ad — is using Weiner to pitch its latest deal. The spot asks: “Do you want to see our Weiner?”

The airline is having a $9 Weiner fare sale. And the tag line? “With deals too HARD to resist!” (Oy.)

HOH hopes the airline will at least throw in one hot dog per customer, and we’ll pay any baggage fees with relish.