Wave of Super PACs File With FEC

Posted June 14, 2011 at 11:28am

The Federal Election Commission has seen a surge in the creation of super PACs and other groups planning to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money during the upcoming elections.

The organization that changed modern rules for campaign finance — Citizens United — filed documents late last week to open a super PAC. This conservative organization, headed by David Bossie, knows a thing or two about media and advertising. It has made at least 20 feature-length political documentaries, including “HYPE: The Obama Effect” and “Hillary: The Movie.”

Disputes over the ads for “Hillary: The Movie” led to a Supreme Court case in which Citizens United won against the FEC. The decision allowed corporations, nonprofits and labor unions to use their own treasuries to fund political advertisements and influence federal elections.

Citizens United Super PAC joins at least 36 political action committees that have registered this year as independent expenditure organizations, a designation that gives them the option of using unprecedented types of funds in the 2012 elections.

On Monday, another group registered as a super PAC under the name “Remove Weiner Support Eric Ulrich for Congress Draft Committee.” The group will “independently recruit Eric Ulrich to run for Congress” and is not affiliated with Ulrich, a Republican member of the New York City Council.

Other super PACs registering with the FEC in June include Turn Right USA, Our Voice PAC and America for the People PAC.