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Nevada GOP Candidate’s Ad Depicts Chinese Troops at Capitol (VIDEO)

Former Nevada GOP Chairman Mark Amodei released a TV ad Monday that focuses on the debt limit issue and features an image of Chinese troops marching on the Capitol grounds in Washington, D.C.

The ad launched two days after Amodei was nominated by some 300 members of the state party central committee to run in the 2nd district special election.

“Once upon a time, America became their own worst enemy,” a Chinese news anchorwoman says in the ad. “When all their borrowed money ran out, they kept spending out of control. Their President Obama just kept raising the debt limit, and their independence became a new dependence.”

Amodei appears later and says, “It’s not too late to stop this nightmare.”

The ad is running in Reno for a week, but the campaign is anticipating extending its run. Visitors to Amodei’s campaign website are immediately sent to a splash screen featuring the ad and asking for donations to keep it on the air. 

Nevada Democrats are holding a convention this weekend and will probably nominate state Treasurer Kate Marshall as their 2nd district nominee.

Marshall and Amodei would face off Sept. 13 as the only major party candidates unless the Supreme Court overturns a lower court ruling on special election rules. The court has also requested the state delay the election so that it has more time to make a ruling.

Until redistricting, the district leans Republican, and Amodei would be the early favorite in a head-to-head matchup.