HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Members Vs. Press

Posted June 23, 2011 at 12:39pm

Thursday night is the 3rd Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game. It’s an epic showdown: Members vs. the D.C. press corps!

Since it started two years ago, the event has raised more than $80,000 for the Young Survival Coalition, a group dedicated to issues unique to young women with breast cancer.

“We think that is not bad for 49 years of a Congressional baseball game and two years of a Congressional women’s softball game,” co-captain and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) said on the House floor last year.

The Member team lost last year, but Wasserman Schultz said they were winning for five innings before they got tired. Also, she accused the press team of bringing in a couple of ringers. (This cannot be!)

“I think that we have to make a rule that no interns get to play,” co-captain and Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.) said in a floor speech. “They were quite a bit younger than us, in spite of the fact we thought we would have a level playing field,”

Well, whatever the Member team may lack in interns, it more than makes up for in a bipartisan and inter-chamber roster and also in coaches — specifically five coaches who are all male Members. (Stop snickering. Weiner jokes are so over.)

The women of the Washington press corps have just one coach and a 2010 win (13-7) under their belt. Several Roll Call reporters and alumnae will also be playing. (Go, Brady!)