Illinois Governor Signs Aggressive New Map

Posted June 24, 2011 at 1:00pm

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed his state’s controversial new Congressional map into law Friday.

“I have carefully reviewed the congressional redistricting map,” Quinn, a Democrat, said in a statement. “This map is fair, maintains competitiveness within congressional districts, and protects the voting rights of minority communities.”

The Democrat-controlled redraw of Illinois’ Congressional map has been one of the most aggressive this cycle. Not only does it create a few open, Democrat-leaning seats, but it also moves several Republican Members into districts already held by other Republicans.

Republicans have protested the new boundaries since the map was proposed in late May, citing insufficient representation for the state’s Hispanic communities. The GOP Members in the delegation have said they plan to pursue legal action, as well.

However, at least one GOP Member in the delegation is not optimistic that a legal challenge will work. Rep. Tim Johnson (R-Ill.), who has indicated he will run in the newly drawn 13th district, told the Champaign News-Gazette that he thinks a GOP lawsuit over the map will fail.

“We’re going to file a lawsuit, but it’s not going to succeed,” he told the newspaper Monday, “so you’ve just got to go forward with the way it is.”