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House Majority PAC Targets GOP Over Medicare Votes

An independent expenditure committee run by Democrats launched a six-figure media buy Monday targeting eight House Republicans for voting in favor of their party’s Medicare reform plan.

The House Majority Political Action Committee hits GOP Reps. Rick Crawford (Ark.), Tim Griffin (Ark.), Scott Tipton (Colo.), Steve King (Iowa), Bobby Schilling (Ill.), Charles Bass (N.H.) and Joe Heck (Nev.) in radio spots for voting in April in support of the House GOP budget resolution, which includes Medicare reform. The group is running a similar advertisement criticizing Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.) on cable.

The advertisements mimic a game show in which the host dings the specific GOP Member for voting for “the Republican budget that includes another trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy.”

“Final round,” the announcer says in the spot targeting Tipton. “You pay Medicare taxes on every dollar you earn, but the budget Scott Tipton voted for ends Medicare as we know it. Seniors would have to pay 64 hundred dollars more each year.”

A news release describing the advertisement buy did not specify its exact size or where it would run, other than to call the media purchase a “six figure ad campaign” that will be on the air through Thursday.