Heard on the Hill: Bush’s Birthday Milestone

Posted July 5, 2011 at 5:46pm

You know you are no longer a spring chicken when the CEO of AARP wishes you a happy birthday.

That’s just what happened to President George W. Bush.

“A person’s 65th birthday is a big milestone,” AARP CEO A. Barry Rand said in a statement. “The kind that can be celebrated with appreciation for what we have accomplished and what we have left to do.”

Which, in our opinion, kind of sounds like “better start getting through that bucket list before you die, which could be any day now.”

“It’s also just that — a milestone — one of many that we’re fortunate enough to pass as we try to live the lives we choose,” Rand continued, asking, “So what should we learn from [Bush’s] birthday?”

Well, in an interview earlier this year, the 42nd president had some advice for America’s seniors to “take care of your body” and “find something where you could say, ‘I’m helping someone else.’” Some activities that fall under “helping others” include helping to raise grandchildren — you know, no big deal.

“Those are good words to live by,” Rand agreed.

Bush’s birthday is today. Happy birthday, Mr. President!