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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: A Draft Deserted

Someone other than Roll Call reporters has been reading (and rereading) Congressional financial disclosure forms and has drafted a privileged resolution about it! The only thing is no one seems to know just who this particular overachiever might be. (Scandal-face!)

Since Friday this anonymous legislator has been shopping a draft of a privileged resolution around. Now it has been basically abandoned, floating from House Democratic office to House Democratic office, searching for a sponsor to love it.

Unfortunately for this wee-orphaned thing, no one seems to want to sign on.

The lack of support from every Democratic office that HOH spoke to is mainly because no one actually knows who drafted the resolution — and they seem to be a bit skittish about forking over political capital by signing on to draft language that says, in no uncertain terms, that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor stands to profit if the United States defaults on its debt.

The resolution j’accuses the Virginia Republican of compromising the “dignity and integrity of the Members of the House by raising an appearance of a conflict of interest.”

Brad Dayspring, Cantor’s spokesman, vehemently denies all charges.

“The insinuation is so outrageous that it shows a fundamental lack of understanding about how the markets work and the U.S. economy works,” he tells HOH.

Dayspring says Cantor’s investment in the offending fund is about 100 shares, which are valued at about $3,327.

Apparently, HOH learned, Cantor doesn’t even own the questionable shares, his mother-in-law does.

(Because Cantor’s wife has power of attorney for her mother, it appears on the Congressman’s disclosure forms.)

So … then what we have determined is that Cantor’s mother-in-law is speculating on the U.S. economy and stands to make very little money on its defaulting.

“The accusation suggests that the Majority of Leader of the United States purposely wants to destroy the U.S. economy, which I think we can agree is quite absurd,” Dayspring tells us.

Your move, anonymous-financial-disclosure-reading-legislation-drafter!

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