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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Superhero Treatment

Last weekend Rep. Leonard Boswell helped defend his family against an armed intruder, and by Monday, both he and his grandson were animated superheroes!

A few minutes before 11 p.m. Saturday, Boswell’s daughter, Cindy Brown, opened the door to an armed intruder demanding money. After hearing her screaming, Boswell ran into the entryway to disarm the gunman. Then his 22-year-old grandson grabbed a shotgun from the other room, pointed it at the intruder and scared him away.

The news animation website News Direct posted an animated version of events, making something fun (and kinda badass) out of something terrifying.

How does the Iowa Democrat feel about being an animated superhero?

Spokeswoman Jane Slusark says he hasn’t seen the clip yet but has been overwhelmed by the amount of good wishes he’s received since the incident.

“He was just reacting to protect his family,” Slusark tells HOH.

The video makes Boswell’s grandson seem like the real Clint Eastwood of the situation.

“Being 22 [years old], he would appreciate that,” Slusark says. “He’s not a public figure, so all this attention is pretty different [and] something he is surprised about.”

The alleged intruder is a son of a friend of the Congressman’s wife, Dody.

“As a teacher, Dody often befriended families in the small school district and tight-knit community,” Slusark explains. “The intruder’s mother was one such friend. She moved from the area more than five years ago to Nebraska.”

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