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Heard on the Hill: Message From Former Staffers

Don’t worry, soon-to-be former staffers for Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) and former aides of ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)! Former staffers for ex-Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) can tell you: It gets better.

A former Lee staffer took to his Facebook page to joke about the resignation of Wu and got into an entertaining tête-à-tête with a friend.

(Out of respect for what must have been a crappy year for the former Lee staffer, HOH has agreed to withhold names because we are nice.)

“Who would have thought that Chris Lee would have only been the third least scandalous scandal in Congress THIS YEAR?” the former aide asked on his Facebook page.

“I think you mean most,” his friend commented.

“I’m not counting the tranny part — that’s not confirmed,” the ex-Lee staffer said, referencing accusations that the lawmaker had several online exchanges with transgender women and at least one transgender prostitute.

The two jokesters went back and forth. Finally, the staffer’s friend asked whether he was sure Lee was the least scandalous scandal of this Congress.

“You changed my mind,” he answered.

So you see, embattled Congressional staffers, even though it doesn’t feel like it now, one day you, too, will be able to laugh at the tiger suit picture, just like the Lee staff can now laugh about the alleged hooker story.

It gets better.

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