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Heard on the Hill: Blumenauer’s British Invasion

We Yanks love our British imports: gastropubs, the Monty Python boys, Victoria and David Beckham, Daniel Craig. So we’re pleased to offer our friends across the pond a little something in return.

A new fashion trend might be sweeping the U.K. thanks to Rep. Earl Blumenauer. The London-based Guardian newspaper on Tuesday noted the eye-catching neon pin that the Oregon Democrat always wears on his lapel (just by his “rather flamboyant” bow tie). In the column, titled “It’s big, it’s green and everyone wants one,” the Guardian said that during Blumenauer’s appearance on the BBC2, his message on the deficit talks was nearly upstaged by his bike-themed accessorizing.

“Twitter immediately lit up with comments such as, ‘What’s with that man’s bicycle?!’” the column marveled.

Jeremy Paxman with the BBC2 even broke down and asked about the bike pin. “Well, I am aggressively ‘bike-partisan,’” Blumenauer responded.

Hopefully, Paxman asked the Congressman whether he could have one of his own because Blumenauer is known for handing out those suckers like candy.

Blumenauer seems comfortable with his newfound status as an international style-setter. “Maybe next time I tune in to Prime Minister’s Questions, I’ll see members of Parliament looking a little bike-partisan,” he tells HOH. “Ed Miliband could use a green bike pin to go with that suit.”

Capitol Hill denizens have long admired the Congressman’s omnipresent bling, so it looks like our limey cousins are late to the party. Maybe the country that gave us fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Kate Middleton could learn a thing or two.

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