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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Debt Ceiling Rap

You know what would make the debt ceiling negotiations more fun or even any fun at all?

A rap that breaks it all down!

Well, thanks to the magic of the Internet tubes and the fun kids at Reason Magazine, HOH is happy to inform you that your dreams have just come true.

Rapper and comedian Remy Munasifi, the YouTube performer extraordinaire and scribe behind many a funny hip-hop track and the ”TSA Pokey Pokey” song, just dropped a brand new song this week profoundly titled: “Raise the Debt Ceiling Rap.” (But what does it mean?)

In our opinion, whoever can reference cumulonimbus clouds, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, quantitative easing and borrowing money from China, all while rapping about, well, the debt ceiling, deserves our respect and admiration.

So here is a giant thank you to Reason Magazine and Remy for this objectively hilarious piece of hip-hop mastery.


Raise da debt ceiling!

Raise da debt ceiling!

Raise da debt ceiling!

Raise da debt ceiling!

Fourteen trillion in debt,

but yo we ain’t got no qualms

droppin’ $100 bills

and million-dollar bombs.

Spending money we don’t have,

that’s the name of the game.

They call me cumulonimbus

because you KNOW I make it rain.

Bail out all kind of cars,

got all kind of whips.

Ladies ask me how I get ’em,

I tell ’em STIMULUS.

Social Security surplus?

Oh, guess what? It’s gone.

I got my hands on everything

like Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Ain’t got no Medicare trust fund,

son, that’s just absurd!

Spending every single penny that

we see, son, have you heard?

Ain’t got no moral objections,

ain’t got kind of complaints,

ain’t got no quantitative

statutory budget restraints.

So …


Yo, we up in the Fed

and we living in style,

spending lots of money

while we sipping Cristal.

Still making it rain

and yeah it be so pleasing,

wait, not making it rain —

we be quantitative easing.

QE1, QE2

QE4, QE3

Dropping IOU’s

in every fund that I see.

Printing the cash,

inflating the monies,

callin’ up China,

“A-yo we straight out of 20s!”

In the club

we be louding out

while to the market, yeah,

we be crowding out.

On the beach getting tan

and sipping Corona,

we got a monetary plan —

and it involves a lot of toner.


So if you look at the chart

and examine the trend,

we borrow 40 cents of every

single dollar we spend.

And non-discretionary spending

increases every day.

Do you have a comment for committee?


Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker,

would you beam me up?

A Congressperson cutting spending?

Couldn’t dream me up.

We’re gonna default

if we follow this road!

I should have thought of this

14 trillion dollars ago!

I’m the king of the links,

I’m a menace at tennis,

I’m sticking spinnaz on my rims,

picking winnaz in business.

If you’re looking for some cash,

it’s about to get heavy.

I got some big ol’ piles of money

and guess what — they shovel-ready!

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