Heard on the Hill: Clouded by Bachmann

Posted July 29, 2011 at 5:53pm

A local Kansas City weatherman is the Donnie Wahlberg to his sister’s Mark.

GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (Minn.) brother, Gary Amble, KCTV’s meteorologist, gave an exclusive interview with his employer about what it feels like to no longer be the most famous member of his family.

“The weirdest thing [since Bachmann became a national figure] is pretty much most of my adult life I would run into people and they would know who I am,” Amble told KCTV anchor Brad Stephens. “Now I run into people and they say, ‘Hey, I know your sister.’ That is what is kind of weird.”

The tables, Amble said, have “kind of turned a little bit.”

He hopes that when viewers tune in to his weather report they don’t jump to conclusions that he is a good or bad guy because Bachmann is his sister.

“Because I’m just the weather guy,” he told the television station. “And I do the best I can with that.”

Bachmann does mention her little brother while on the campaign trail.