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Heard on the Hill: Treats for Timeliness

How are Reps. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) and Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) like kindergartners?

They like to be rewarded with candy.

At the beginning of a House Judiciary Committee markup Thursday — before the panel was able to reach a quorum needed to mark up legislation — Cohen grabbed his microphone, broke the waiting silence and said to Chairman Lamar Smith, “I hope you’re taking notes on who’s here on time, Mr. Chairman.”

The Texas Republican assured him that he’d get “brownie points.”

“Do we get cookies and milk after nap time, too?” Cohen joked.

“Actually, you do,” Smith responded as he stood up, walked toward Cohen and handed him a small 3 Musketeers candy bar.

But, Mr. Chairman, don’t you know you have to have enough treats for the whole class?

HOH wasn’t the only jealous one.

“Mr. Chairman, I’d like one, too,” Chabot demanded.

Unfortunately, Smith was out of candy, but several hours later, as the chairman was leaving the committee room, Smith slipped Chabot what looked like something sweet.

It pays well — at least in chocolates — to be on time.

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