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Tea Party Patriots Not Mollified By Latest Boehner Bill

An influential tea party organization is accusing House conservatives of caving into “bullying” from Republican leaders to support Speaker John Boehner’s latest debt limit bill, and warned Friday that they “simply will not accept their lazy, fiscally irresponsible approach.”

As the House considered the rule for the Ohio Republican’s measure, Tea Party Patriots National Coordinators Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler lamented the decision Friday by a number of tea party-backed Republicans to support the measure, saying in a release, “unfortunately, some Tea Party-allied lawmakers have been successfully bullied by the Republican Leadership.”

The organizers went on to complain that “politicians from both parties, in Congress and the White House, want to avoid the consequences of their overspending by increasing their ability to overspend even more.”

Republicans “giving us these ‘solutions’ got us into this trouble, but it looks as though the American people will yet again pay the consequences for their reckless overspending,” they added.

Although conservatives were able to beat back Boehner’s original debt bill Thursday night, by Friday morning they were slowly bowing to intense pressure from leadership and the promise of a provision that would require a balanced budget amendment be passed to allow the debt limit to be raised in the future.

That news was met with support from a number of conservative organizations, including the influential Club for Growth, which announced it was lifting its opposition to Boehner’s bill.

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