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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Reunited by Fate

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter “No-Pants Pete” Kinder was busted last week for frequenting Verlin’s Bar and Grill, a St. Louis bar famous for its no-pants parties.

This week the Daily Riverfront Times is reporting that Tammy Chapman, the bartender and former Penthouse Pet of the Month who he had his picture taken with, first met the never-married Kinder in 1994 when she was a stripper in a different bar.

No-Pants Pete took an immediate shine to Chapman after she introduced herself by giving him a hug and sitting on his lap, which was kind of her job and probably not personal, the paper reports.

No-Pants Pete passed her his card, which said something about his being a Republican state Senator, she recalled.

Chapman’s reaction? “Big whoop.” Ha!

After a while, she told the Daily RFT, Kinder became a regular at the now-defunct Diamond Cabaret, often dropping $200 on her each time he came through. He also brought her cookies, brownies and notes, which is a strange way to court anyone who has graduated from elementary school.

Chapman told the Daily RFT that she cut off contact with No-Pants Pete after he became “aggressive.”

“I couldn’t tolerate what he was making me do,” she told the Daily RFT, which we hope was just to insist she enjoy his baked goods.

The two met again — after all these years — at Verlin’s last winter. (Y’all. One word: Fate.)

Kinder’s reaction to seeing her after 16 years?

Ask her to move into his $1,555-per-month condo, paid for by his campaign committee, because out of all the bars in all the world he had to walk into hers, she said. (Fate, y’all. For real.)

Chapman said she turned him down. (Maybe she didn’t know it was fate?)

Kinder is widely expected to challenge Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D).

Read the entire NSFW account of the relationship here! (Seriously, do not click on this link at work.)

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