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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Chaffetz in the Press

Hey kids! Another day, another hilarious parody Twitter feed with a lovely matching blog has landed on our world wild Web.

The target this week? One Rep. Jason “Jay Chay” Chaffetz (R-Utah). (Hollllerrr.)

Chaffetz, a tea party darling and a relative newcomer to the national scene, is in just his second term, but he has already made quite a splash.

You may know him from such classic television spots as leg wrestling with Stephen Colbert and playing Rock Band with Colbert and other stuff that’s more important but less entertaining. Jay Chay is also a prolific tweeter (@JasonintheHouse for the curious) and is consistently and helpfully available to the media for comment (except for today, because he is on vacation).

So, someone with a lot of time on their hands and an excessive amount of pent-up Chaffetz jokes, has stepped in and started @JasoninthePress, because Jay Chay is in the press a lot.

According to the new Twitter feed, fake Jay Chay loves scrapbooking, reliving his support of former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis’ gun control stance and his vacation in Hawaii.

Fake Jay Chay also loves being the Kim Kardashian of Utah politics so, so much. (Though, it has to be said, even the fake Chaffetz falls well short of the real Kim’s assets.)

But, the real genius — in our humble opinion — is the Jason in the Press blog, especially the animated clip of what we assume is a fake exchange between Fake Jay Chay and fake Salt Lake Tribune Washington correspondent Thomas Burr.

The real Chaffetz is currently vacationing in Hawaii and is widely believed to be gearing up to challenge the surprisingly tall Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) in 2012.

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