South Carolina Rep. Wilson Hospitalized, Expected to Recover

Posted August 25, 2011 at 4:48pm

Rep. Joe Wilson (S.C.) was in the hospital Thursday to treat a viral infection, but the Republican firebrand is expected to make a full recovery, according to his chief of staff.

“Congressman Wilson is currently under treatment for the signs and symptoms of a chronic viral-type infection at Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, S.C.,” Eric Dell said in statement.

“While the exact infectious agent has not yet been defined, there is no evidence of serious complication and complete recovery is expected,” he added.

Wilson, 64, represents the 2nd district and is in his fifth term.

He gained notoriety in September 2009 when he yelled out “You lie!” as President Barack Obama outlined his health care overhaul proposal before a joint session of Congress. The House later passed a resolution of disapproval against Wilson for violating Congressional rules in a way that “degraded” the joint session.

The overhaul has since become law, and Republicans have pledged to repeal it.

According to his website, Wilson “is committed to promoting peace through a strong national defense, decreasing taxes for all Americans, and limiting the size of the federal government.”

He serves on the House Armed Services Committee, where he is chairman of the Military Personnel Subcommittee. He is also on the Education and Workforce Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Wilson is a member of the conservative Republican Policy Committee and is an assistant Majority Whip.