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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: The Do-Nothing Fundraiser

There seems to be a fundraising trend among GOP candidates: Pay money to hunt (or fish) near your favorite (potential) lawmaker! And at least one Democrat is fighting back.

Pay money to do something? That’s an absolutely terrible idea.

Rep. Gary Ackerman agrees. The New York Democrat promises his supporters: Give him money and you don’t have to do anything. Now that’s the American way.

In July, tea partyer Jamie Radtke, a Senate candidate in Virginia, held a fishing tournament to raise money for her campaign. Supporters paid $60 for entry, and the catcher of the biggest live fish won $250.

Rep. Jeff Landry (R-La.) announced last week that he would hold a fundraiser Sept. 9 wherein for a measly $5,000, supporters can join him to kill alligators. Yay!

“$5,000 to kill a reptile?” Ackerman writes in his fundraising email. “Heck, for a mere 10 percent of that, you can send me $500 and you don’t have to kill an alligator.”

Don’t have $500 or an alligator to kill? Never fear! Ackerman promises that if you send him $50, you still don’t have to kill an animal, plus you will get several animal-shaped rubber bands as a prize! Bargain.

Only have 10 bucks? No worries! You still don’t have to kill a thing. (Can this deal get any better? Probably not.)

Ackerman doesn’t specify what must be killed by those who donate less than $10.

In other news, it is unclear what effect, if any, the alligator hunt will have on America’s alligator moat.

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