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Heard on the Hill: Take Five!

Every week, HOH gets to know a Member of Congress better through a series of five fun questions. This week, we sat down with Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.) and talked about hunting, fishing and some luscious pudding.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: I love “Braveheart.” First of all, my family’s Scottish, and there’s a Sutherland County there. And I’m a history nut. So it just encapsulates all of that.

Q: Do you have a favorite line from “Braveheart”?

A: “Freedom!” It doesn’t get better than that.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: I love to hunt. I love to fish. And I enjoy playing golf. I played golf in college. My children enjoy hunting and fishing, so we incorporate that as family time.

Q: What’s your favorite dessert?

A: My mom makes luscious banana pudding that I would run through a wall for. Luscious. That’s what she calls it.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: To be omnipresent. I would be here doing what I had to do, but I would also be on vacation with my children. We had to cancel our vacation this year, and we haven’t had a vacation in two years. It just put a big, dark cloud over our family.

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