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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Crazy for Ron Paul

Do you big heart Ron Paul? Do you need to make some extra cash? Are both of these things true for you?

Then you should totally enter the Ron Paul video contest!

Some lady named Alexa seems to be running the show, and all of the Internets thinks she’s pretty. Alexa says the deadline for video submissions is Sept. 16, and the winners will be announced Sept. 30. The entrant actually needs to be in the video (animals, family and friends are also OK). The video must be less than a minute.

Finally, the video must be all about and in support of Texas Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. The YouTuber with the most “likes” for his video wins! Here’s one entry.

So are the prizes Ron Paul-themed? You betcha!

According to Alexa, the first place prize is $250 cash (it should be in gold though, right?), a $200 gift certificate to and 100 copies of the Ron Paul film “For Liberty.”

Second place: $100 cash, a $100 gift certificate to and 50 copies of the film

Third place: $50 cash, a $50 gift certificate to and 25 copies of the film

HOH’s parallel contest? What in the Sam Hill would you do with 100 copies of Ron Paul’s DVD?

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