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Heard on the Hill: They Doth Protest Too Much?

Oh those crazy CodePinkies, causing trouble all over the place! This week, the Pinkies staged a hijacking.

During Thursday’s super committee hearing, 25 people began loudly protesting outside the panel chamber.

According to the employment advocacy group OurDC, some unemployed and underemployed members of its organization convened outside the hearing room and started chanting: “What do we want? Jobs. When do we need them? Now.”

At the very same time, the anti-war Pinkies were sitting inside the committee room. Apparently, they heard the chanting outside and decided to join. It looked like one big, happy family protest, but no.

OurDC’s communications director, James Adams, was adamant that the two organizations did not work together in any capacity to plan a joint protest.

“We had no idea they were there,” he tells HOH. “We have never worked with them. … We are a single-issue group.”

Are you sure?

“We acted independently. We did not work in concert with them,” he says again.

And again: “We did not work in coordination with them. We have no affiliation with them.”

So if we understand Adams correctly (and it’s possible we misheard things), OurDC is not in any way affiliated with CodePink.

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