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Heard on the Hill: The Unnoticed Jobs Protest?

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) coffee date was disturbed Tuesday morning by more than 40 protesters from the group OurDC.

Our loyal readers will recognize OurDC as the very same group of rabble-rousers that protested the super committee last week. The one-issue advocacy group is focused on unemployment and underemployment in D.C. and plans to make a lot of noise about it.

Seems that the group, which was originally seeded by the Service Employees International Union, went looking for Cantor outside a fundraiser ($2,500 per political action committee) that was held above the Starbucks on the Hill.

“They’ve had four of these fundraisers since June,” OurDC spokesman James Adams tells HOH.

The group’s message for Cantor is the same as its message to the super committee: The unemployed, specifically in D.C., need jobs now. (And every Member of Congress groans: “We know, we know.”)

Adams tells HOH that OurDC supports the president’s jobs package, and the protesters communicated this to Cantor by chanting, “Pass the jobs bill now.”

Never fear, though. Several police officers created a barricade with their bicycles to ensure Cantor could motor from his coffee date to his vehicle with minimal disruption.

The barricade must have been magical because when HOH asked Cantor’s office for comment, spokesman Brad Dayspring replied, “There was a protest?”

Ouch. Never mind. Cantor has another $2,500 coffee date scheduled for October, Adams says. OurDC will assess the situation and decide whether the group will hold another protest.

“But,” Adams says, “the likelihood is yes.”

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