Bill Huizenga Facing Possible Primary in Michigan

Posted September 14, 2011 at 8:18pm

Michigan State Rep. David Agema is mulling a challenge to freshman Rep. Bill Huizenga in the GOP primary next year — and he said his friend, freshman Rep. Justin Amash (R), will stay neutral in the race if he goes for it.

“We’re testing the waters at the present time,” Agema said in a phone interview last week. “We’ll do a poll or so to find out where this all stands.”

Agema’s entrance into the race would likely cause tension between Huizenga and Amash, two neighboring freshmen.

Agema and Amash worked closely in the state Legislature. As a result, Agema said Amash will stay on the sidelines if he jumps into the race against Huizenga.

“Congressman Amash said he will not endorse Huizenga, but he’ll remain neutral,” Agema said.

Amash did not address his allegiance to either Republican when asked about the race. “Both Bill and Dave have been great friends and allies,” Amash said in a statement from his office.

Agema said he’ll make a decision about a campaign in November after he polls the race and watches Huizenga vote “on a couple issues.”