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Gov. Martin O’Malley Hosts Maryland Redistricting Meetings

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) spent Thursday evening meeting separately with two Members over the newly drafted Congressional map.

Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, the Congressman with the most to lose under the new the map, met with O’Malley and described the sit-down as “cordial” in a statement. But Bartlett did not indicate whether the meeting had any effect on altering the lines. The new map will make the 10-term Congressman’s re-election decidedly more difficult than in past cycles.

At least one Democrat is considering a run for Bartlett’s seat. State Sen. Robert Garagiola told Roll Call, “Assuming the lines are similar to what was presented to Gov. O’Malley, I am looking closely at running in the 6th district.”

O’Malley also discussed the draft map with Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who spent the two previous election cycles as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Van Hollen’s district likely will remain safely Democratic.

A majority-Democratic advisory committee to the governor drew the draft map. After O’Malley reviews it, the lines will be submitted for debate to the Democratically controlled House of Delegates and the state Senate.

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