Heard on the Hill: Halloween Scheme

Posted October 14, 2011 at 5:21pm

During votes last Tuesday night, just off the House floor, Republican Reps. Tom Rooney (Fla.) and Duncan Hunter (Calif.) were chitchatting about their Halloween plans.

Seems like poor ol’ Rooney had a bit of a sad. He invited Hunter and his family to come trick-or-treating with the Rooneys in their Falls Church neighborhood.

Not sure exactly where in Falls Church the Rooneys live, but maybe it’s a dodgy area because Hunter apparently said he and his family would come … if they go someplace else entirely different.

Or maybe Hunter just doesn’t want to fight Northern Virginia traffic to get the families together? (Dude, we feel you.)

HOH spoke to Rooney’s communication director, Michael Mahaffey, who confirms that the two lawmakers are close friends. He could not tell us whether this would be their first Halloween together.

Joe Kasper, communications director for Hunter, says the two are conferring on costumes.

“Kids’ Halloween costumes are a big deal,” he tells HOH. “The choice between a soldier and a Marine is not taken lightly between two guys with loyalty to their branch.”