Heard on the Hill: Postering Put on Pause

Posted October 19, 2011 at 6:18pm

Earlier this week HOH reported that LA street artist Robbie Conal would bring his special brand of volunteer poster bombing to the District.

The plan was for a group of volunteers to gather at the 14th Street Busboys and Poets and learn the ins and outs of covering D.C. in politically themed satirical posters.

Unfortunately, however, it seems several of the volunteers couldn’t show up for Tuesday night’s political papering.

“There was an insurrection,” CodePink activist Tighe Barry explains.

Apparently, several of the Occupy DC activists were concerned that if they volunteered for Conal’s poster bomb, it would seen as an Occupy DC action.

The protesters, Barry says, couldn’t volunteer to vandalize Washington until they presented the activity to the Occupy DC Freedom Plaza faction’s general assembly. The assembly was meeting at 8 a.m. Wednesday and would consider the activity at that time, he says.

(As an aside: Occupy DC Freedom Plaza is slightly different from Occupy DC McPherson Square. We’re told that the Freedom Plaza folks are older, more organized and sleeping on concrete, while the McPherson Square lot are younger, less organized and sleeping on grass.)

When we asked whom the occupiers would likely vote for, Barry admits both groups have a “tendency not to vote.”