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Kevin McCarthy Says GOP Jobs Bills Have Bipartisan Potential

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy said today that he hopes that a wave of GOP jobs bills aimed at aiding small-business owners can break through the partisan gridlock that has stalled almost every other bill this year.

“There are places where we can agree” with the White House and Democrats, according to the California Republican, who is sponsoring one of several measures that are scheduled for a markup Wednesday in the Financial Services Committee.

“The president didn’t write these ideas, but these ideas came up in committee and passed [the subcommittee] by a bipartisan majority,” he said, adding that he expects broad bipartisan support at the committee level.

The bills, which focus on helping small businesses get access to capital, will likely come to the House floor in the next month. McCarthy said that if the measures get Senate support, he hopes they could help thaw the icy relations between Senate Democrats and House Republicans.

If “we get them to be signed, that’s a very good step,” he said.

McCarthy acknowledged that the House’s schedule over the last two months of the year will be difficult at best, as the chamber attempts to resolve appropriations bills, jobs bills, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and deficit reduction.

McCarthy declined to specify when each part of the agenda would come up, but he said he is holding “listening sessions” with Members to map out a schedule.

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