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Corey Stewart Endorses George Allen in Virginia

A Virginia conservative who once considered challenging George Allen for the GOP Senate nomination instead endorsed the former Senator today.

Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, endorsed Allen at a morning press conference in Prince William.

“Corey Stewart is a strong, leading conservative voice in Virginia and I am honored to have his significant and important endorsement in vitally important Prince William County,” Allen said in a statement.

Stewart’s endorsement indicates Allen, whose Senate record has been attacked from both sides, is coalescing primary support across the GOP spectrum.

Toward the end of last year, when Allen was gearing up to launch his campaign and Stewart was still considering the race, Stewart was outspoken about Allen’s record. In an interview on News Channel 8, Stewart said Allen was a “great governor” but had a “mediocre” record in the Senate.

Stewart and state Del. Bob Marshall ultimately decided against running for Senate, but Allen still has a handful of primary opponents. They include a couple of self-funders and tea party leader Jamie Radtke, who is running to Allen’s right.

Prince William is a vital outlying suburb of Washington, D.C., that has a penchant for swinging statewide elections. Both parties will be targeting the independent voters there next year.

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